Shipping Policies / Pricing

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is totally dependent on the shipping cost and where you are located in the CONUS (Continental United States). We are happy to ship anywhere in the world, but please understand that special arrangements will have to be made. Anything outside of the CONUS will have to be handled on an individual basis. All of our Klipsch products ship FOB, Charlotte, NC 28217.

There are many things that make up the pricing structure for your speakers. Let me begin by explaining how the ordering process takes place and go from there. Klipsch Factory, Hope, AK does not “Drop Ship” directly to the customer. They ship directly to their Dealer network and the Dealer has the total responsibility of getting the product delivered to the customer. Some very large Klipsch Dealer’s stock Klipsch products in their individual warehouses, we do not stock but a few speakers as most are ordered directly from the Factory and made for you. We usually keep on hand, a set of Heresy’s, La Scala’s and Cornwall’s, that we use for demos in our showrooms. We will be adding items from the reference lines in the future, but we really do not want to carry a large inventory of speakers as we really have NO idea of what you would like to order. Most everything we do is “Special Order” and that allows us to give you the best pricing that we can as each order is handled as a personal experience. Our Company Motto is: “You are not just getting a set of speakers; you are gaining a Friendship, along with the sale”.

Once you decide on what you would like us to order for you and prices are agreed upon, we prepare an Invoice and assign a Purchase Order number to it. This number will be reflected on every piece of paper you receive from us and is the number that the Factory uses for billing and manufacturing, to us. This invoice will come to you either by snail mail or electronically through email for your approval, prior to being sent to the factory for production. Your speakers are not sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting for you to pick them up nor are they “B” Stock speakers that have been sitting in someone’s warehouse for years. When you order from us, your speakers are manufactured to the specifications that we supply to the Klipsch Factory for the order. That is the sole reason that it will take between two and eight weeks for your order to be completed. Depending on what the Factory is running at the time, your speakers will have to be “Inserted” into the Production Schedule. We know that this sounds like a lot to go through, but it is the only true way of assuring you that you are getting genuine Klipsch speakers, made especially for you.

The vast majority of our shipments will come by pre-paid freight. Please beware of other sellers that say “Free Shipping” as there is usually some type of catch, which is associated in the “Free” part. We have found that there is usually nothing Free in life. We include the shipping cost into the total price that we give you for the speakers. This is the main reason that total prices for similar items may be different for each individual. Things that need to be considered in our delivery cost are:

  1. Does the customer have access to a loading Dock?
  2. Is there a forklift available for off loading the pallet(s)?
  3. How many pallets will be involved in the shipment
  4. Is customer’s location near a big City or are they remotely located?
  5. Will the customer require “LiftGate” delivery to their home? (This is an additional charge and usually handled by a local delivery contractor.)
  6. Time frame for delivery and scheduling for outgoing shipments
  7. Does the order need to be expedited? (Additional Charge – Usually Substantial)

As you can see, the shipping will impact the final pricing for the cost of your speakers. We have found that our pricing is still a lot less than our closest competitor and we guarantee delivery to your location at NO additional cost, other than expedited and tail Gate services. There are NO hidden costs when you deal with us, period! The price that we give you is the Delivered Price to your local loading dock or your doorstep, which ever you choose.

It is our understanding that Klipsch tried “Drop” shipping on freight items in the past and it was a very difficult situation for them. Things like No Loading Dock on the customers end, Customer could not be contacted for delivery, Delivery times not the same, Customer had to wait all day, shipment damage and a myriad of other reasons that made Klipsch want their Dealers to handle freight deliveries directly with the customer. When you think about it, it makes total sense and allows us, the Dealers, to stay involved until the final delivery of the product, to the customer. Of course, we are discussing Freight (Pallets and Loading Docks) and not FedEx or UPS box deliveries. Again, most of the speakers we sell fall into the Freight category, not general Box deliveries. We of course, will ship UPS, FedEx if the size falls into their delivery capabilities.

The way our ordering works is:

1.  You contact Panacea Engineering and let us know what you would like to order. This usually requires some time on the phone, emails or a combination of both. You will find that we are great communicators and try to cover everything that you will need to know about your purchase.

2.  After you have made your decision on what you want, you will need to decide on how you can take delivery. Some people have access to loading docks and fork lifts, or know someone that does. Other times it will require what we call “Tail Gate” delivery to your home address. This basically means that the truck has a Hydraulic Lift Gate on the rear and can off load the Pallets (Speakers) to your front yard or driveway. Sometimes the only available place will be the street. This does NOT include getting the speakers un-crated and set inside your home. You will have to arrange for these services, if you can not find any friends or relatives to help with this. If you want, we will be happy to check with the “Local Delivery Company”, for you, to see if they will unpack and set the Speakers inside your home. Please understand that this is something that you will contract with the Local Company and is NOT part of our delivery service. The coverage for shipping STOPS when the “Pallets Touch the Pavement”. You can discuss this service with the Agent when he contacts you for delivery scheduling.