Klipsch Cinema Speakers

Klipsch Cinema Speakers

Cinema Speakers

Klipsch professional cinema speakers, used in one out of every two new theaters, deliver everything from soft dialogue to booming explosions with clarity and precision, providing every theater-goer with an immersive, unforgettable experience.Designed from the ground up to provide breathtaking audio in professional theater installations, we offer cinema speakers in a wide array of styles that will suit any theater. Our space-saving woofers and horns, at only 12 inches deep, save precious real estate while delivering amazing frequency response, ensuring that even the smallest theaters can have massive sound that will keep customers on the edges of their seats.


Cinema Products Available

  1. KPT-402-MF-K1133
  2. KPT-KHJ Jubilee-LF
  3. GRAND-HF-T-K1133
  4. KPT-884-SUB
  5. KPT-402-MF-K69
  6. KPT-904-HF-K69

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