Consulting Projects

Building Construction:

We are in the process of constructing a 50’ x 200’ metal building that will house four new Klipsch Sound Rooms, offices and a service work shop for this new venture.   Once the building is complete, please plan a visit to beautiful Charlotte, by appointment, to audition the Klipsch Cinema, Heritage, Reference and THX Ultra2 speakers. You are encouraged to bring any type of media or your own equipment, for replay that you desire.

UPDATE: We broke ground in early June on the new construction site. Like anything else that is Planned, the schedule has been impacted by several items like; Changes in the Floor Layout to accomodate larger space for the Sound Rooms. As we already had Approved Plans, this certainly delayed the pouring of the Slab by two months of going back and forth between Building Standards and our Engineers. During excavation and grading for the Slap, buried trash was discovered that again impacted the pouring schedule for the site work. We have now finally got everything approved and are looking at starting the Slab in the next few weeks. of course, rain also has been a major factor in the process. We have had to dig up, move and replace in excess of 9000 cubic yards of “Bad” dirt and it has been a costly venture. We sre shooting for a First of the year Opening now and with some Luck we will do everything in our power to make it “Happen” the delays have been a major learning experience/setback and were totally unforeseen in the original planning.

Triple Tree Aerodrome:

Panacea Engineering serves as the Technical Coordinators for Triple Tree Aerodrome. In this capacity, we provide all of the Sound Equipment (Klipsch Speakers of course) and all of the on site Electrical, permanent and temporary, for the various events that are held on site, during the year. We are presently using LSI’s, MWM 1900’s Fourway (three sets) and are adding KP 600 systems to two of the larger hangars that are on site. We also work on design and installation of the ongoing projects for the site. If you follow the below Link, it will give more information about what we do at this Wonderful Flying Facility in beautiful South Carolina.

Pat Hartness, assisted by a  team of associates and volunteers, sculpted the Triple Tree Aerodrome from a bare field to a first-class aviation facility. Ground-breaking began in 2000 when the lake and a 7000 foot grass runway were first created.

In the ensuing years, a hangar, workshop, 1940’s tower, multiple gazebos, shower facilities, campsites, hiking trails, helicopter sites, and more have been added throughout the years as needs were encountered and met. Triple Tree is all about continuous improvement and change: each year new projects are tackled. For 2012, the main runway is being re-sprigged so that the golf-green style runway, so popular for the Joe Nall event, continues nearly the full length of the runway. And to reduce costs and speed mowing time, a 36-foot span rotary mower, named “Dear John”  was built and finished. IT can mow up to 30 acres an hour! If nothing else, the Hartness team thinks big.

Visit Triple Tree Aerodrome

Frying Pan Tower:

We have been asked by the Owners of this Facility to evaluate several of the systems on the Off Shore Tower and to work directly with the all volunteer crews to completely remodel this structure and bring it back to its former beauty. This Tower is truly an Icon in the Eastern Atlantic Ocen, 29 miles of the Coast of North Carolina. Visit the below site for more information.

North Carolina Charter Boats.  We fish the Carolina Coast

Visit Frying Pan Tower

UAV Work:

DJI S800 Aerial Camera Platform (Multi Rotor Heavy Lift)

We are in the process of building an aerial platform for surveying and aerial photography. As GPS is used more and more for surveying, we needed something that could photograph and use GPS coordinates to integrate with AutoCAD Surveying software, to help us layout new features of our Flying Site. With approximately twelve hundred acres, walking to survey large tracts of land and do pinpoint layouts for new facilities on the property, became quite a burden. With this new equipment, the task becomes much easier and accurate drawings can be produced and changes made almost instantly to road layouts and building footprints, along with working with the natural contours of the land. This process makes grading much  easier and has less impact on the natural “Lay of the Land”. this eliminates the Old requirement of moving thousands of yards of dirt and destroying some of the natural beauty of the property. it also eliminates the need to ‘Clear Cut” areas for development.