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16 2012 Oct

Update on the New Building!

We broke ground in early June on the new construction site. Like anything else that is planned, the schedule has been impacted by several items like; Changes in the Floor Layout to accommodate larger space for the Klipsch Sound Rooms. As we already had Approved Plans, this certainly delayed the pouring of the Slab by two months of going back and forth between Building Standards and our Engineers. During excavation and grading for the Slap, buried trash was discovered that again impacted the pouring schedule for the site work. We have now finally got everything approved and are looking at starting the Slab in the next few weeks. of course, rain also has been a major factor in the process. We have had to dig up, move and replace in excess of 9000 cubic yards of “Bad” dirt and it has been a costly venture. We are shooting for a First of the year Opening now and with some Luck we will do everything in our power to make it “Happen” the delays have been a major learning experience/setback and were totally unforeseen in the original planning.

8 2012 Oct

Panacea Website Launch!

I am excited to announce the launch of the New Panacea Engineering Website!  We believe the website will provide our customers and potential customers with the valuable resources they need to understand who we are and the services we can provide.  We look forward to serving you as an Authorized Klipsch Dealer for the Klipsch Cinema, Klipsch Heritage, Klipsch Reference and Klipsch THX Ultra2 Speakers.

W.C. Fischer