About Us

About Panacea Engineering

Panacea Engineering Company was named as an Authorized Dealer for Klipsch Group, Inc., in March of 2012. We are very proud, to have been named as a Dealer for this fine organization and look forward to being able to demonstrate and supply speakers, to our customers. We will be featuring the Heritage, Reference Series, THX ULTRA2 and selected Cinema Lines along with any special order items that can serve our customer base. We are in the process of constructing a 50’ x 200’ metal building that will house four new sound rooms, offices and a service work shop for this new venture. We are hoping to open the doors the first of the year, 2013. Please plan a visit to beautiful Charlotte, by appointment, to audition the above mentioned lines of Klipsch speakers. You are encouraged to bring any type of media for replay, or your own equipment to use, that you desire. You will not see us on eBay as we seek to be customer oriented and wish to provide the kind of personal service that you can not get through Internet sales. We will stand behind and offer full manufacturer’s warranty for each product that we sell. We will be here, always for your convenience and peace of mind, in knowing that your purchase is a valued and a lasting relationship, will be established between customer and purchaser of our Klipsch products. We will rely on customer satisfaction and word of mouth advertising rather than some slick marketing scheme to get you in the door. Until you have actually heard them it is almost impossible to make an informed decision to purchase. For that reason alone, we invite you to come and HEAR the difference. We will also, at a minimum, match ANY “Deal” that has been advertised in the public domain. We are willing to do what ever is necessary to make you a believer and become one of our valued customers. After all, when you have heard the best, everything else in audio becomes secondary. Become a part of the performance, as you will feel like the artists are playing just for your pleasure!

Panacea Engineering Company was started in February of 1988, in Charlotte, NC by W. C. Fischer, a well known and respected Electrical/Mechanical Engineer in the Southeast. It is a consulting and contracting firm, in the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, in construction and retrofit of large Public Facilities. As a Construction Engineer, he has worked on some of the largest and most complex construction projects throughout the world.

He bought his first set of Klipsch speakers in 1971 and that was a beginning of a very long and trusted relationship with Klipsch. He brings to the table over forty five years of experience in designing and overseeing the construction, of some of the largest public facilities projects in the U. S. His specialty is Stadiums, Convention Centers, Auditoriums and Arenas along with several sound studios in the Charlotte area. During this time he has overseen the installation of literally multi millions of dollars in sound and lighting systems, for stages, theaters, and other public venues. One of the motivating factors in opening this Dealership in Charlotte is; there was absolutely no where to audition Klipsch speakers, in the proper atmosphere, unless you went to someone’s home. The new Dealership will have four sound rooms, where everything from the Heritage, Reference, THX ULTRA2 and selected Cinema speakers can actually be auditioned, in an environment that was built, to showcase the speakers. These are dedicated sound rooms for Klipsch speakers only and not a showroom that is showing multiple manufactures products. Klipsch speakers are some of the most efficient speakers that have ever been built and they offer a unique sound and quality, which is NOT shared by any other brand.

Panacea Engineering will concentrate on offering new Klipsch products and design along with performing Research and Development on some newer innovations in sound reproduction. We are currently working on a Jube-Like Drone project, which incorporates a variable weight adjusted Passive Radiator, in conjunction with two twelve inch drivers, to reach a bit lower than the standard Jubilee. We will also be offering two way passive crossovers for the Jubilee product line.

Mission Statement

To provide a suitable atmosphere where the joy, efficiency and listening pleasure of Klipsch speakers can be explored to the fullest.

Company Motto

You are not just buying a set of speakers; you are gaining an Audio Friendship, along with the sale. Let us help you make the right decisions on your listening experience, with NO BS.